The lockdown across America was sold to “flatten the curve”.  Did it work yes…. And no.  Studies have shown that America’s mortality rate is no better than Sweden, and they did not lock down at all. Now, the lockdown is being used to flat out keep America in  fear.  People are living life in terror because fake science and fake media are scaring them into breathing their own CO2 fumes to unhealthy levels

Well our Front-line doctors are not being silent anymore.  There is a group of front-line doctors that are putting themselves out there to tell the truth about COVID19 treatment options.  They just held a White Coat Summit in Washington DC and all of these doctors are great Americans that are unhyphenated.  One of them, Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Primary Care Physician from Houston Texas.  She personally treated over 350 patients with COVID and has had zero deaths over the past 3 months.  She has a passionate message in this video.    She also has a strong educated opinion about double blinded studies and even masks. She does not care if she gets pressure from other colleagues or even regulating bodies.  She does not even care about the results.  She said “ I am willing to die on this hill!” 

Her passion for the truth gave me goosebumps.   Check it out here:

The Summit was all day long and should have been on all the major news networks.  Well you know that’s not going to happen, but Check the link to the complete Breitbart article: 

Stop the unnecessary deaths!  Stop the fear!  Stop the fake science!  Give America the truth. 

We don’t need masks!  There is a cure. 

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