The Diversity Boondoggle

Diversity-BoondoggleAmerica is the most diverse country in the world, bar none. Yet we have spent trillions of dollars on diversity, estimated to be $17T in fact. How has this happened? Politicians. Our government is the largest racial profiler on the planet. Don’t believe me, just look at your census form. It’s not simply a “count” of your person, but is intrusive and asks for things that really shouldn’t matter. All these statistics that the government garners are meant to do one thing…divide us. If they can’t divide us on racial lines, then how about economic lines? What about gender? Religion? These are all just hyphenations that allow the money grab. Then government expands the program. For example, the Omaha Public Schools used $130,000 in federal stimulus money–your tax dollars–to buy each teacher, administrator and staff member a manual on how to become more culturally sensitive. One small school district in an ocean of schools. Any idea how many school districts did the same thing? Were Omaha or any other school districts suffering from “lack of diversity” issues; of course not. But who cares. Somebody made money, thus government “created” jobs. In 2007 the budget for diversity program increased 25% at the University of Iowa. U of I spent $738,718 in FY 2007 compared to $589,018 in FY 2006. Did anybody even bother to ask why they needed to spend this money? Did the University of Iowa have a diversity scandal? No. But they increased the budget, because it was YOUR money…FREE money. These programs are happening all over the country as part of a reparations package that is not even going to the parties believed to be wronged. These stories are all designed to make you believe that there is a diversity or tolerance issue in America. These are simply code words for “money grab. Kevin Jackson

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