The current narrative is, “Police are racist.  They are dead set on practicing brutality, especially to black and brown people. They are not needed.  They should be de-funded.  They are violent animals.”

Really? Well, how does that square with this story?


Milwaukee Police Officer Randy Bruso deserves a UA mention, and possibly a UA Award, for his heroism in action. On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, without regard for his own health, and not knowing who was even in the car that hit him head on, he performed his duty to protect and serve.  While dealing with immense pain, his morals and values compelled him to attempt to save the other drivers, even while suffering from what turned out to be a fractured sternum, and three broken ribs himself.  Officer Bruso said that he wants people to see this video.

Police officers like Randy Bruso are the essence of an Unhyphenated America.  What does that mean? It means they are TRUE AMERICANS!!  It means they do not ask questions on the skin color or background before they spring into action to save a life, even at their own peril.  Remember September 11th in NYC?  Remember all the police that ran into the world Trade Center while all the civilians ran the other way?  Remember how the police were shielding people in Las Vegas while a mad gunman was unloading high caliber gunfire down on them from a nearby hotel window?  Remember Police don’t want to use force or even shoot someone.  They are here to help. hey are here to help.  They run towards the terrible. Officer Bruso is here to help anyone.   I want a cop on the beat like him if and when I need help.

Thank you to all cops who answer the call, and thanks to officer Bruso in particular. AMERICA NEEDS YOU.  YOU EXEMPLIFY UNHYPHENATED AMERICA! And listen to this coming from a American with a permanent tan, WE NEED YOU ON THAT BEAT!!!

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