It’s a well documented fact (courtesy of that there are over 4-times as many “Professional Journalist” who are deeply indoctrinated Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded Democrats (by self-identification) than there are who self-identify as Republicans. Now approximately 50 percent of “Professional Journalist” have self-identified as “Political Independents”…which simply means that they aren’t willing to be honest about the fact that they are Leftist who consistently vote Democrat.

Back in June 2015, I wrote an article entitled, “Love of country: It usually starts at childhood.”, where I said,

Listen, I’m definitely not trying to promote the Republican party, because God knows I have some issues with the leadership of the RNC right now. But maybe it could reasonably be said that, promoting the love of America among children, and belief in the superiority of the American Way, not only makes children more likely to choose a particular political ideology as adults…but it also likely will make them more selfless, as well as making them less likely to hate others. If this true, then God Bless America…

Well, considering the fact that the DNC is the political party that is most welcoming to those who would boo God, and want God removed from their party platform, it shouldn’t be even remotely surprising that it’s members are also a heckuva lot less patriotic. So when you recognize that the massive majority of “Professional Journalist” are really true believing Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded people…then this pathetic display of disrespect of our country won’t be surprising to you at all.

You can say whatever you want to say…but your actions speak louder than words.

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