Victor Medina

It seems no one is safe from the ridicule of the Garbage Pail Kids – not even Democrats! If you grew up in the 1980s, you remember the Garbage Pail Kids, the sticker cards with a gross-out sense of humor. They are still around, although now they also poke fun at politicians and celebrities as well. Topps, the creator of Garbage Pail Kids, released a series of sticker cards earlier this year that poked fun at several presidential candidates, and now, to celebrate the Democratic National Convention, they have released three new cards lampooning everyone’s favorite liberals.

The cards include “Bye Bye Barack,” as the President is portrayed as a burned-out microphone dropper ready to leave the White House. “Bullied Bernie” shows everyone’s favorite socialist grandpa being forced to support Hillary at knifepoint. Finally, Hillary Clinton is redubbed “Dollar Billary,” literally in the back pocket of a rich fat cat

The stickers are only available online for the next week. You can click here to visit the Topps website and order the Democratic National Convention Stickers, and place them on the car bumper of any Hillary supporter.

You can also order these super creepy vinyl toys of our presidential candidates (yes, we know it is still hard to believe these are the last two candidates standing). Billary Hillary and Donald Dumpty are also available on the Topps site.


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