Mega-church Bishop T.D.Jake’s recently counseled Toni Braxton and her sister’s regarding their infighting and bickering. 

The bishop was angered by their selfishness and narcissism. He reminded them how negatively they’re influencing black fans with their obnoxious example. 

The sisters appeared uncomfortable when he accused them of not being thankful for the opportunities they’ve been afforded and the blessings they’ve received from above.

Watch the tongue lashing  here.

U.S.culture 2015 find’s the nuclear family isn’t popular, men are considered insignificant, modesty is an unknown and many childbearing women have never been Daddy’s girl, the impact on society’s painfully obvious. It’s the children born into this adult cesspool who suffer the most.

Bitter clinger’s are zealots?

The LGBT movement seeks to silence the values they hold dear, the entertainment industry wreaks of immorality and the MSM promotes the Leftist agenda to the detriment of society at large.

Why is it that those who reject personal responsibility, as it relate’s to influencing the young, are so defensive?

It’s because they’re the epitome of selfishness and narcissism. They’re the least tolerant among us in word and deed.

Since the Left’s dissolution of the Nuclear Family, our country’s culture has gone quite literally, to pot. The wholesome values they’ve rejected are the glue holding us all together. What’s left of them, still is.

Children raised in families by traditional married parents learned to get along with others, being brought up with examples of both sexes in their homes created young adults who knew how to behave responsibly. Most children raised in the nuclear homes of yesteryear were spanked. They learned that their own wants and desires did not outrank those in authority.

Year’s ago this was the norm, but not today.

The Left would have us believe there is no normal. They impose tolerance of everything without consideration of consequences. They’re goal is to have their way regardless of others, definitively embracing narcissism.  How very intolerant they are.

The result has been catastrophic.

Since the 1960’s. American culture has gone from wholesome to depraved. Listen to the music, watch popular movies, hear the MSM spew it nightly at 6.

The facts are perfectly clear.

The Left has been largely successful imposing their depravity on U.S.culture while stripping those following God of their rights to parent their own children as they see fit.

Faith in God has it’s virtues.

While it’s true that no one is perfect, those practicing the virtues of God, generally speaking, are known for their generosity and compassion more so than any celebrity, Planned Parenthood organization or LGBT activists.

Unfortunately, they’re now the minority and being stifled in American Culture today.

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