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Tag: Tyranny

Middle School Principal says that the Student Government is “Too White”.

October 23, 2015 |

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Those are the words (allegedly) spoken by one of the biggest mass murderers … Read More

Nothing to See Here: Obama’s “Racial Databases”

July 20, 2015 |

The great American lawyer, author and syndicated radio show host Mark Levin has been saying this for years:  Barack Obama’s ringing in tyranny here in America.  NSA spying, under the auspices of keeping Americans safe, has been one of the … Read More

Tyranny is here folks*….

October 9, 2014 | 2

“Hands On Originals Christian Outfitters” is being FORCED to undergo “diversity training” because of their refusal to print a t-shirt which went against their personal religious beliefs.

Have we come to this? CAN YOU SAY “TOTALITARIANISM”? Correct me if I’m … Read More

Trey Gowdy understands the role of Congress.

August 8, 2014 |

Back in 1776, one of the “Founding Fathers”, and a man who would become the 2nd President of the United States of America, John Adams, gave his Thoughts on Government. He said many powerful and thought-provoking things in those essays, … Read More