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Restoring the Dream!

October 20, 2014 |

Don’t y’all wonder sometimes if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are even COGNIZANT of Martin Luther King Jr.? To those two, it’s like he never existed! If “a house divided can not stand”, shouldn’t we call those bozos out for … Read More

Guts, but no glory needed.

October 20, 2014 |

Geez, if I had an occasion to do something heroic, and accomplished it, I would have nooooo problem with my “15 minutes of fame”! Who wouldn’t?

Well, some “mystery man” in Fresno, California appeared out of nowhere, calmly walked into … Read More

Human “Smallpox Blankets”

October 20, 2014 |

Sadly, biological warfare is not a “new” thing; it has been around since colonial times in the form of ¬†smallpox contaminated blankets.¬†Even sadder, is that our government is having a “blanket party”(ask a veteran).

Waaaay back in the Old Testament … Read More

Home for a hero.

October 20, 2014 |

Trista Hopkins is a cafeteria worker in Dallas; she is also mother to a 9 and 11 year old, and an Army veteran. Despite working two jobs, there just isn’t the money for the upkeep on her rapidly deteriorating home. … Read More

Pigeon holes are just for pigeons.

October 19, 2014 |

The quote above is by one of my favorite singers, Jessye Norman. She doesn’t like to be “pigeon holed”; I don’t think any of us do. Check out this guy Malcolm Mitchell who easily steps out of his comfort zone. … Read More

G-d is likely T.O.’d.

October 18, 2014 |

You know, the way things are going, I thought it might be a good idea to see what we shouldn’t be doing; things the G-d Almighty hates, because we are likely ticking Him off.

He wants that none should perish, … Read More

More important things than winning.

October 18, 2014 |

Devil’s Lake runner Melanie Bailey didn’t end up as the winner of the Eastern Dakota Conference’s Cross Country Championship, but she won a lot of hearts and gained a new friend.

South Fargo runner Danielle LeNoue was nearing the finish … Read More