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After winning the Master’s, goes to….WAFFLE HOUSE???

April 17, 2014 |

I’ll admit it, I’m way more impressed by character than any sports accomplishment or prowess.  Golfer ”Bubba” Watson is a winner in both regards though.

Faith, family, humor and good-sportsmanship shine through Bubba Watson, nick-named after football great Bubba Smith.  Watson is now a two-time winner … Read More

Al Qaeda not running, and defiant as ever (video)

April 16, 2014 |

Before the 2012 election, President Obama boasted, “Al Qaeda is on the run,” but apparently they were just out for a jog.

While some on the Left call the Tea Party terrorists, disturbing videotape shows a group of approximately 100 followers … Read More

Happy, and grateful

April 16, 2014 |

Musical artist Pharrell Williams cries with “happy” tears, grateful for the success of his catchy song of the same name-”Happy”.

This is awesome!  A current musical artist not touting drugs or sex and not on a profanity laced rant! Perhaps his hit … Read More

Perception of American weakness invites Russian aggression

April 15, 2014 |

Back in March of 1983, THAT DUDE, THE President Ronald W. Reagan, addressed the nation from the Oval Office, and gave a speech on “Defense & National Security”. In that speech, he famously said, “The defense policy of the United … Read More

CNN National Security Analyst gets the political spectrum all wrong.

April 15, 2014 |

In an opinion piece posted earlier today on the CNN website, Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst, and Director at the New America Foundation (funded by George Soros), stated that, “…since 9/11 extremists affiliated with a variety of far-right wing ideologies, including … Read More

High school students give a helping hand….literally.

April 14, 2014 |

While many teens spew grunts in “gaming chairs,’ eyes affixed to a computer screen, this trio made something amazing.

Leander High School robotics students made use of their skills and a 3-D printer to fashion robotic hand for a two-year … Read More

Will Holder be hit by a “Cruz” missile?

April 14, 2014 |

Will the situation with Lois Lerner force Attorney General’s hand? Holder is in the sights of Senator Ted Cruz, and could be hit by a “Cruz missile.”

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee recently passed a resolution calling on … Read More