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Tag: political correctness

Did political correctness kill off G.I. Joe action figures?

April 17, 2016 |

One of America’s greatest pop culture icons is under attack by political correctness, as a major toy company is accused of killing a toy line for being too patriotic, too pro-military, and too pro-gun.

Once upon a time, in that … Read More

Middle School Principal says that the Student Government is “Too White”.

October 23, 2015 |

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Those are the words (allegedly) spoken by one of the biggest mass murderers … Read More

Carly’s Face Isn’t Running for President?

September 15, 2015 |

In a recent Rolling Stone interview from his personal aircraft with television on and comments being made, Donald J. Trump caused the writer, Paul Solotaroff, to report this

“When the anchor throws to Carly Fiorina for her reaction to Trump’s momentum, … Read More

A HUG makes for a THUG?

September 8, 2014 |

From the “Political Correctness Run Amok Files”…39 year grocery store employee fired for giving a hug to a customer. It doesn’t stop there though, he got an “assault and battery” charge out of it too.

Wow. I have said before … Read More

“P.C.”: Preparation for Caliphate

September 2, 2014 |

“Al Qaeda, is on the run.” Whooooooo said that? If you are too clueless to have thought too much about Benghazi, THIS is but ONE, of the reasons it was downplayed and has been covered up so desperately.

You see, … Read More

If Everyone’s a “Winner”, No One’s a Winner

August 19, 2014 |

Sadly, another story from the “Politically Correct Files” in a nation where we have a president who is the result of “Affirmative Action” and “Political Correctness” waking up TOGETHER, the next morning.

The only difference between the term “public school” … Read More

“Getting Offended”, Now Declared Olympic Sport

May 5, 2014 |

There was a time in America when we were more concerned with not offending the “King of kings” A.K.A. GOD, than mere mortals.

Dr. Ben Carson found this out after being told to apologize to President Obama following a … Read More