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Tag: martin luther king jr

T.K.O. by M.L.K.

January 19, 2015 | 4

Can you just imagine how different things might be now, if Martin Luther King Jr. had not been killed?

I posit that far too many youth merely see him as some ICON of social justice. Don’t some of these same … Read More


January 7, 2015 |

I think our country has the whole “sex thing” down pretty well…how bout we focus on some RACIAL HEALING?

I told y’all that with liars, everything is pretty much “opposite day”. Doesn’t the Bible talk about “Blessed be the peacemakers”? … Read More

White Privilege?

August 18, 2014 | 2

Whoever coined the term “white privilege”, has never been to my dirty little country town. Sheesh; white privilege my ARSE!

Not to mention, Obama has a frickin’ “CLOAKING SHIELD” whereby he can get away with flippin’ ANYTHING, and got elected … Read More

Strength in Numbers

August 7, 2014 |

Unhyphenated America’s mission is to focus on, not surprisingly Americans. We have this crazy notion like Martin Luther King Jr. did, that it is character that matters, and we need to unite with what we have in common; not divide … Read More

Valerie Jarrett Uses Ebenezer Baptist Church To Give Political Speech

January 28, 2012 |

On January 15, 2012, the day before the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday, Obama Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett spoke at a church service at Ebenezer Baptist and used it as a platform to campaign for Barack Obama. UA Comments:

Obama … Read More