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Category: Human Interest

“Standing in” for dad

April 2, 2015 |

When a father is taken too soon from this life, no one can take his place but some may help out and fill that void, if even for a moment.

Tricia Santuzzi’s husband was killed in the line of duty … Read More

Amazing UA Artist: Jeffrey Owen Hanson

April 1, 2015 |

I have heard my dad has say many times, “I don’t know when to quit”. I’m just like my dad in that regard, and so is this amazing artist who hasn’t let a pesky little thing like blindness stand in … Read More

Dying 24 year-old’s words of wisdom

March 30, 2015 |

We may not get a “heads-up” that our time is drawing near to leave this life. This guy is kind enough to leave us some parting words of advice. I’ve never seen a hearse with a “U-Haul”, so focus on … Read More

Leah, STILL, cancer free!

March 28, 2015 |

So much progress has been made in the fight of all cancers, particularly that in children. The cousin of mine who died as a toddler, would likely be alive with today’s know-how.

Devon Still of the Cincinnati Bengals got a … Read More

Police giving rewards for GOOD behavior!

March 27, 2015 |

A story about something scandalous or shocking seems to spread like wildfire! Stories about quiet recognition for those doing the right thing; not so much.

When a Farmington New Hampshire police officer saw someone go out of their way to … Read More

The first Presidential Cabinet meeting of 2017 should look like this.

March 26, 2015 |

Being the political wonk that I am, I sometimes find myself thinking about how things would look in Washington, D.C., if the majority of the electorate thought the same way I did. Plus, have you ever considered how powerful it … Read More

Two year old smarter than Sharpton?

March 25, 2015 |

Our site is about G-d, country, and unity. Consider us “kryptonite” to the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, Obamas, and Eric Holders of the world. Since we are not just “skin deep”, we love us some M.L.K. Jr.

The “Hands up … Read More

Philadelphia Children’s Hospital “Shakes it Off”

March 24, 2015 |

There are more “Shake if Off” videos on the internet than names in Bill Clinton’s “little black-book”, but this one is really special because it was made with the goal of brightening the lives of children that live with illness. … Read More

Miracle baby

March 19, 2015 |

A careless moment can change more lives than just your own, and change them forever.

Someone ran a red-light in Harrison Township Ohio, “T-boning” a van with a mother and baby. The baby, still safely strapped in her car seat, … Read More

Better late than never

March 16, 2015 |

Fathers matter, and make an indelible impression on a child’s life; or at least they try. This father obviously tried, but the fruition of this last act didn’t manifest for eight long years.

Now mind you, the same government we … Read More

The Last Vacation

March 13, 2015 |

Life is rough. That’s why it’s so important that we know that there is more to it, than what we see.

A beloved, twenty year employee of Costco in Danville, California learned he had terminal bone cancer, with about two … Read More

Cup of Kindness

March 11, 2015 |

Friendships mean so much to a kid; a peer to muddle through this big confusing world with. The thought of losing one; scary.

Eight-year-old Tristan Regini of Denver, Colorado is buddies with Cade Humphreys. Cade Humphreys was diagnosed with a … Read More

What an environment of love and trust can do

March 9, 2015 |

Trust must be earned, and sometimes can’t be restored if broken. This is why truth and honesty are so important.

Sadly, we live in a society that has drifted dangerously far from the touchstone of truth. The entire country was … Read More

Can you tell that “The Communist Have No Clothes”?

March 7, 2015 |

Maybe you’ve heard of this before, and maybe you haven’t, but I think it’s important for you to hear about this. It’s truly something for you to STOP and THINK about.  Forewarned, is forearmed.

 45 Communist Goals by Dr. Cleon … Read More

Which one is the friend?

March 5, 2015 |

How much do we miss looking down at our ipad or in our own self-absorption? Here is a “social experiment which reveals perhaps, a somewhat unlikely hero.

A boy is dressed or somewhat UNder-dressed as a homeless child in ripped … Read More

Stop and Serve ~Haden

March 3, 2015 |

It is said that you can tell a whole heck of a lot about a person by how they treat wait-staff at a restaurant. No truer words have been spoken.

The highly successful founder of “Save the Date”, is from … Read More

Handicapped but not DISABLED.

March 2, 2015 |

Most people constrained to a wheel-chair would happily pass up having to shovel snow; this woman takes it on.

Digging herself a path to the mail for her home business, she has taken on the chore for others too. With … Read More

Go with your “flow”.

February 27, 2015 |

Getting into your “zone” or “flow” is a state in which you become so immersed in what you are doing that you lose track of time, forget to eat, and forget to take “potty breaks”. Well, that’s my definition anyway. … Read More


February 26, 2015 |

This week is likely one of the most decisive weeks in the history of our nation’s freedom. Are we going to turn the Internet into the DMV and VA, and stifle our free speech, or are we going to stand … Read More

Lifting a burden for a grieving mom.

February 25, 2015 |

Losing a child is said to be the worst pain anyone can go through. Having to go back to work when you’re still grieving just compounds matters.

This mother from Australia lost her 19 year old son in a freak … Read More

I love you with all my kidney.

February 24, 2015 |

My absolute favorite professor at University of Texas at Dallas was Dr. Larry Cauller; G-d rest his soul. He acquired Hepatitis as a medic in Vietnam and his liver suffered for it.

He used to quip, “You shouldn’t say I … Read More

Facebook kindness saves the day!

February 23, 2015 |

The boorish lack of thank you notes, and RSVP’s these days no longer surprises me, but 16 invitations to a six year-old birthday with not a ONE responded to, and NO ONE shows up to the party?

Most everyone knows … Read More

Veterans transfer pain to canvas

February 20, 2015 |

This weekend at the St. Charles Westbank Regional Library, in St. Charles Parish, there will be an art show to benefit the Veterans Housing Outreach Ministry.

The ministry is devoted mainly to helping disabled female veterans to find housing, clothing, … Read More