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AboutJeffery Thompson - Unhyphenated America

Jeffery Thompson

Jeffery Thompson

I am a Freemason and I have lived in 7 countries, visited over 30 others, lived in 20 plus homes. My entire life, personal and professional, has been an entrepreneurial journey of adventure: constant discovery, learning, and adaptation. I am working on raising seed funding for a video game and feature horror film. I love America and the opportunities it provides people to work from the ground up to achieve your goals.

Posts By Jeffery Thompson

A Trump Presidency and Black America​

August 7, 2017 |

Donald J. Trump is our 45th President, and that’s not likely to change, so what are we going to do to help ourselves?Read More

The Cultural Importance of the Creative Entrepreneur

November 20, 2015 |

It goes without saying that the “creative industries” consisting of Film-making, Music, and Video Gaming have provided billions of dollars to the US economy, but their impact extends beyond simply providing jobs.They drive “The Culture”. These industries are affected by … Read More