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The good ol’ days when politicians only kissed babies in public.

Christopher Harris

So I saw it come across my newsfeed that the Democrat Gubernatorial candidate for Wisconsin, Kelda Roys, came up with an innovative strategy for winning votes.

You know, when voters are going into the voting booth, and asking themselves, “Who’s the best candidate to lead a state of 5.8 Million people, with a Gross State Product of $232 Billion, and 282,000 State & Local employees?” it seems perfectly logical for their first thought to be, “Let me give the nod to the candidate who campaigned by showing a video of her breastfeeding.”

In a recent Huff Poop article, the 38-year old married mother, entrepreneur, attorney, and former Wisconsin Assembly member stated, “I don’t want to have to hide a really big part of myself in order to win an election”.

Folks, please stop and think about this for a second. Did you know that there are only seven (7) corporations in the world (Walmart, State Grid, Sinopec Group, China National Petroleum, Toyota Motor, Volkswagen, and Royal Dutch Shell) who generate more revenues than the 232 Billion tax-payer dollars that the state government of Wisconsin consumes? Heck, out of the nearly 200 nations in the world, only forty-five of them have larger economies than the state of Wisconsin. With that in mind, do you honestly believe that if she were applying to become the CEO of any one of those corporations, she would bring her baby, and begin to breastfeed in front of board members of that corporation?

She is running to unseat a very successful Governor, Scott Walker (R), who was elected in 2010 with 52.3% of the electorate, fought off the entire Democrat establishment in a recall election in 2012 and won 53.1% of the vote, then won re-election in 2014 with 52.3% of the vote. He did this in a state that had pretty much gone Commie, voting Democrat in every presidential election from 1988-2012.

Honestly, if I were a resident of Wisconsin, I would be deeply insulted. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised, because, after the 2016 presidential elections Slate Magazine made it clear that the DNC playbook was going to be “identity politics”. I guess if this stunt fails, the next thing they will do is run a “transgendered” candidate, and have that person do a campaign video showing him/her breastfeeding a baby.


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