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Mizzou is paying the price for appeasing #BLM

Christopher Harris

How many businesses do you know of that could survive a 35% decrease in revenue over a two year period? Well, that’s what the University of Missouri (Mizzou) is dealing with, as a result of their attempted appeasement of the petulant domestic terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter (#BLM).

The incoming Freshman class at Mizzou is going to be about 2,158 students smaller than previous incoming classes, before Mizzou took the Neville Chamberlain approach to dealing with #PreciousSnowflakes.

Assuming a student is enrolled in 14 credit hours each semester, Mizzou generates between $22,618 for In-state Tution, and $27,184 for Non-Resident Tuition, plus Fees, Room/board revenue. The median revenue per student is $24,901.

Doing some quick math, it looks like appeasing #PreciousSnowflakes has a price tag of at least $53,736,358. And that doesn’t include the over 70% decrease in contributions by alumni and other donors.

Make no mistake, Colleges and Universities are in fact…businesses, and like any other business, they can go out of business as a result of bad management. If you don’t believe me, look at what happened when Burlington College (in Vermont) allowed the wife of 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Jane O’Meara Sanders (who obviously shares his world view), to run the college. Long story short, the private, non-profit liberal arts college, founded in 1972, went out of business.

I guess the next time the spoiled and entitled son of a wealthy railroad executive, like Jonathan Butler (pictured above) decides to go on a hunger strike, rather than try to appease him, the University should take a page from the Yale College Republicans, and have a barbecue right next to him, and wait for him to crack.



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