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Pandora backs Black Lives Matter; cops call for boycott

Victor Medina
After the shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead, music streaming service Pandora chose a side, and they aren’t backing the blue. And members of the Ft. Worth police department aren’t happy with it.


The day after the Dallas shootings (Friday, July 8), Pandora posted a meme on Facebook supporting Black Lives Matter, while making no mention of the officers lost.


The Fort Worth Police Officers Association posted this response on their Facebook page, asking people to delete their Pandora apps from their devices and canceling their service (a screenshot follows):


We should stand together in unity as one nation. We all live in this world together and should spread love. However, it’s a sad state of affairs in our nation when Pandora, a worldwide company, chooses division over unity. In the recent police use of force incidents in Louisiana and Minnesota, many have rushed to judgement of the officers actions without truly knowing the facts. As with any case in our nation, the facts will be gathered through an investigation and due process shall be afforded to those involved.

We urge law enforcement supporters around the world to DELETE their Pandora Radio account and app from their devices. We should stand together in UNITY in difficult times like this in our nation. May God bless our first responders and those who support them.


After much outcry, however, the Association deleted the Facebook post. The push to boycott Pandora, however, continues.




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