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Shouldn’t he run like a girl?

Christopher Harris

Alaska used to be known as a place where only the roughest and toughest of men and women dared to go. Images of bearded men and stout women is what usually comes to mind when one thinks of Alaska. With over 570,000 square miles of land (bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined), it’s really the last true great wilderness in America. So, imagine what a shock it was to the residents of the Last Frontier State, when they saw what was clearly a boy…running with the girls at the high school track & field state championships.


Yep, you heard that right, young Nattaphon Wangyot, a senior at Haines High School, in Haines, AK, a human being with XY chromosomes, who is confused about what is in his pants (I bet none of the other competitors had to wear a jock strap), decided to compete against individuals with XX chromosomes in track & field. You see, for some strange reason, the Alaska Schools Activities Association recently implemented a policy which leaves it up to the discretion of each school as to whether or not “transgender” athletes can compete with the gender of their choice. I guess the Haines Borough School District was more interested in political correctness, and being seen as being “fair” to one confused individual, than being “fair” to all of the actual girls, who worked hard in order to qualify for the girl’s state championship.

I won’t even begin to claim to know exactly what was going on inside of his confused mind (because I’m a man, who knows that I am a man, and has no desire to “identify” as anything other than a man) as he competed against actual girls, some as young as 9th grade. However, in my opinion, this confused individual, with XY chromosomes, really should be viewed as a bully who didn’t want to compete against other individuals who also have XY chromosomes, so he chose to pick on those he felt he could more easily beat.

The shameful (which would be hilarious if it weren’t so ridiculous) thing is, while this individual was able to advance to the state finals (depriving an actual girl of that opportunity) in the 100-meter and 200-meter events, he only managed to win fifth place in the 100-meter dash and third place in the 200-meter. If you look at his performance, he was actually over a full second slower in the 100-meter dash than the top-ranked actual girl, and 1.72 seconds slower than the top-ranked individual who also has XY chromosomes. It was even worse in the 200-meter, where he was over two and a half seconds slower than the top-ranked actual girl, and nearly four and a half seconds slower than the top-ranked person with XY chromosomes.

So, while it’s usually considered to be somewhat of an insult (even to actual girls) to tell someone that they “run like a girl”, this individual doesn’t even run as good as a girl. He just ran like a confused male. Maybe he needs to spend some time out in the wilderness of Alaska, being chased by Kodiak Brown Bears or something to help build up his speed. Maybe then he can actually compete with the best girls.

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