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Who do ‘Sugar Daddies’ support for President? You’ll be surprised!

Victor Medina

We know you’re likely wondering about the political leanings of “sugar daddies,” that subset of the older male population who throws their disposable income at young, pretty gold-diggers. Thankfully, a new survey has answered that burning question.

According to, a well-established “sugar daddy” website that “facilitates partnerships between cash-strapped coeds and wealthy benefactors” recently polled their members, and asked if they had contributed to any presidential campaign this year. Surprisingly, a bunch of older millionaires who pay for affection are not supporting an older billionaire who imports his wives from Eastern Europe.

Instead, it appears the “sugar daddies” are backing Bernie Sanders for the White House. According to the “sugar daddy” website poll, 345 of their members donated to the Sanders campaign. Donald Trump came in a close second with 291 members having made a contribution to him. Hillary Clinton received donations from 174 members.

It doesn’t make much sense that “sugar daddies” with lots of money would support a socialist who would love to redistribute their wealth. However, there may be a simple reason why they find a kindred political spirit in Sanders. Both “sugar daddies” and socialists love power and control, and both understand that money can give you that over people. “Sugar daddies” love to use their money to control young women, while socialists love to use other people’s money to control the culture. In essence, socialists and “sugar daddies” aren’t all that different.

While the support for Donald Trump is understandable, the real head-scratcher here are the 174 “sugar daddies” who donated to Hillary Clinton. That’s nearly 20% of the total members from a group where support for her should register about 0%. Think about it – isn’t Hillary Clinton exactly the type of woman who drives men to become “sugar daddies” in the first place? Or is the support just symbolic donations made by men who do it to satisfy a wife or mistress who insists they are “Standing with Hillary?” That same situation could explain the support for Sanders as well, who is popular among young women, the target audience for “sugar daddies.”

The support Democrats enjoy certainly isn’t deserved. According to the same survey, “sugar daddies” haven’t fared well under the Obama economy. In 2014, the net worth of the average “sugar daddy” was $7.7 million. In 2015, the net worth dropped to $5.2 million. Damn you, Obamacare!

You can learn more by visiting the original article here.


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