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Sweet Mother of Mercy, this Hillary Clinton GIF is terrifying!

Victor Medina

We all know Hillary Clinton has a relatability problem. It’s more than just her political views or the tone of her excited voice, which is not unlike the deathly wail of the banshee summoning an innocent soul to the afterlife. No, Hillary’s main problem is that her normal demeanor is cold and calculating, and most of her attempts at human authenticity seem insincere. When she shows some genuine emotion, it is often an angry outburst that likely sends her own grandchild running for cover.

Hillary supporters have done their best to give her a softer side, but their efforts usually fall short or backfire badly. One only needs to look at the recent “Abuela Clinton” debacle (where the campaign tried to liken Hillary to a loving Latina grandmother) as proof they are trying way too hard. And now, we have another misfire from the Clinton camp.

Most people remember Michelle Kwan as the medal-winning figure skater from the 1998 and 2002 Olympics. She is now a Surrogate Outreach Coordinator (whatever that is) for the Clinton campaign, and in an attempt to humanize the Hillarbeast, tweeted this horrific animated GIF:

Now, we think the GIF speaks for itself, so we’ll only post this as a reaction, which uses one of our favorite quotes from the movie The Princess Bride:


H/T: Twitchy

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