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The Libertarian candidates for President look like an 80s cops show

Victor Medina

Now that the Democrats and Republicans have their presumptive nominees, unsatisfied voters from both parties are looking for other options. That has brought about a new interest in the Libertarian Party and their slate of nominees. Even though each has some unique qualifications, looking at them, you can’t help but think the Libertarian candidates seem to have fallen straight out of a 1980s buddy-cop television show.

First, you have Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico. His record as governor was pretty impressive: he used his veto power hundreds of times during his administration, cutting the size of the state government significantly. He was the Libertarian candidate for President in 2012, after a failed bid for the Republican nomination the year before. His platform promotes smaller government, greater civil liberties, and legalized pot.

Second, you have John McAfee, the anti-virus software guru who has led a colorful life. The “color” includes being a suspect in the 2012 murder of an American citizen while he was living in Belize. He fled the country and was eventually deported to the United States, although authorities in Belize still consider him a person of interest in the unsolved case. He is an advocate of religious freedom (and has criticized states who punish businesses who refuse to support gay marriage) and pot legalization. The prime minister of Belize called him “extremely paranoid, even bonkers.” And yet, in the year of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, he fits right in as a perfectly viable candidate for President.

Third, you have Austin Petersen, a young guy whose primary professional accomplishment has been serving as an associate producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox News program (now off the air). On his website, he also touts his work as a toy soldier at an FAO Schwartz toy store. He also wants to legalize pot as well (surprise), so of course he’s running second to Gov. Johnson in the Libertarian primary results. However, his support of government intervention on gay marriage and abortion isn’t winning many Libertarian fans.

libertariancandidatesLooking at this motley crew, it’s hard to deny that we have the making of a pretty epic cop show here, circa 1985. You have McAfee, the loose cannon who doesn’t realize he’s too old to be wearing his shirt open that low. He definitely has a Martin Riggs/Lethal Weapon thing going on, once you add about 30 years. You have Petersen, the straight-laced rookie who reminds us of a little Gordon Gecko. They make for an odd cop-buddy team-up, but somehow they will learn to work together. Finally, you have the authority/establishment figure in Johnson, who is the perfect police captain that tries to keep the cops in line.

All kidding aside, the more I read about these guys, the more impressed I am with their commitment to individual freedom and less government. Any of the three seem like a better option to occupy the White House than our options now.

Just don’t let them grow anything in the White House garden.

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