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Need an abortion? Planned Parenthood has an app for that

Victor Medina

In an effort to boost their tarnished reputation (selling baby parts isn’t good PR, it seems), Planned Parenthood is making some changes to their clinics and trying desperately to change their image as a baby murder mill. Their first step includes creating an app that makes it easier to murder your baby.

According to a very complimentary article in Wired, Planned Parenthood is streamlining their clinic operations and revamping their in-clinic experience. That includes creating a smartphone app, called the Visit Companion App, that will collect patient information and cut down the time it takes to fill out paper work, so patients can get into the abortion chair even quicker.

The app, which has yet to be released, will also provide health information for women. According to the article, the app “will guide patients through their experience at Planned Parenthood. The app uses visuals to explain physiology (What does your uterus look like?), answer basic questions (How does an IUD actually work?) and explain medical procedures…A patient receiving an abortion, for example, can read clearly-designed instructions for what to expect before, during, and after the appointment, with reminders for follow-ups.”

We’ll assume the “clearly designed instructions” and visuals won’t include explanations of the actual abortion procedure. After all, if Planned Parenthood doesn’t want women seeing a sonogram, they won’t show how a D&E abortion picks a baby apart in the uterus.

Among the more interesting updates Planned Parenthood is implementing includes a rearrangement of the clinic waiting rooms. Research has shown that the current arrangement of waiting room chairs, which face each other, made patients uncomfortable (read: guilty). The new arrangement of chairs will ensure they face away from one another, so patients don’t have to look anyone in the eye.

Welcome to the new Planned Parenthood, where apps and waiting rooms ensure you never have to face actual humanity. Including the one in the womb.



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