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Donald Trump hates cheaters, unless you’re Tom Brady

Victor Medina

Donald Trump hates “cheaters” like Ted Cruz. So why is he supporting serial ball deflator Tom Brady of the New England Patriots?

In the days leading up to his “East Coast Super Tuesday” sweep this week, Trump made a number of stops in New England Patriots country. That included a speech in Warwick, Rhode Island on Monday, where Trump led off his comments by voicing his support of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Earlier that day, Brady had his four game suspension over his role in the “Deflategate” scandal reinstated by a federal court.

“Leave Tom Brady alone,” Trump told a cheering crowd. “He’s a great guy. Enough. It’s enough!”

One could look at Trump’s statement as merely pandering to the Patriots’ home fans, but one should consider Trump’s recent travails. After a string of losses to Ted Cruz, Trump lost out on even more GOP delegates when his campaign failed to muster an effort in several state caucuses. The Cruz political machine took full advantage and outperformed expectations in those states, gaining delegates that, in theory, should have gone to Trump. Trump, in turn, responded by claiming the system was rigged and Cruz cheated.

It seems hypocritical that Trump, who spent the last month harping on “Lying Ted” and the importance of following the rules, would voice support for arguably the NFL’s posterchild for cheating. After all, there is far more proof Brady ordered footballs deflated than there is proof Ted Cruz cheated in GOP caucuses. The reasons for his support of Brady, perhaps, are a reflection of Trump’s personal character.

The billionaire has the habit of complementing a person, but only if you’re his friend or have previously said nice things about him. We all know what happens if you get out of line and criticize him. Trump’s support of his golfing buddy seems rooted in the fact that late last year, Brady said it would be “great” if Trump became President. Brady later said he did not imply he was endorsing Trump, but he still keeps a red “Make America Great Again” cap in his locker.

In Donald Trump’s world, it seems if you are rich and famous and have a supermodel wife like he does, you get to live by a different set of rules. It’s OK to be dishonest, and the ends justify the means if you win. If your winning cramps his style, however, you’re a cheater and he tweets out unflattering pictures of your wife.

Here’s video of Trump’s statement, which it seems, says far more about the candidate than it should.

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