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Madea Blasts Anti-LBGT Law

Christopher Harris

Tyler Perry, film maker and CEO of Georgia based, Tyler Perry Studios, came out in opposition to Georgia’s now vetoed HB 757. Apparently, Tyler Perry’s Christian beliefs take a backseat to business when it’s in his best interests.

HB 757, also known as the ‘religious liberty’ bill, would’ve protected pastors and faith-based organizations from being forced to act or provide services contrary to their religious beliefs. Governor Nathan Deal (R) had to deal with quite a Goliath of opponents to the bill which inevitably proved too great a giant for him to stand up to. The message was clear, give the LBGT community special rights or else!

The problem here is that the ‘religious liberty’ bill isn’t just about religious freedom but freedom in general. A business or organization should have the freedom to serve or not serve anyone they wish and be subject to the market. Businesses and organizations should have the freedom to make those decisions and suffer the consequences without the government telling them who they must cater to.

North Carolina Governor, Pat McGrory (R), signed legislation last week that prevents “transgender” individuals from using restrooms aligned with their “gender identity”. In other words, boys with boy parts must use restrooms for boys, and girls with girl parts much use restrooms for girls.

Bathroom signs - Pee-pee dance

The passing of the North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act prompted San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee (D) to ban city workers from non-essential travel to North Carolina. Which is ridiculous. Maybe he should ban all non-essential travel in an effort to help California’s struggling economy.

But this is where we are in America today. Liberals and big business’s are bullying government officials into passing or vetoing legislation. Quasi-Christians like Tyler Perry are just pawns in the game.

And this isn’t the first time Perry’s religious beliefs have been questioned. Perry is a staunch Obama supporter despite the President’s anti-biblical stance on marriage and abortion. Also, in 2014 Perry and his long time girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, had a son out of wedlock. Perry’s supporters; who in large part identify as Christians, are silent about his opposition of the anti-LBGT bill. You can’t be politically anti-Christian and then pro-Christian in your personal life. My Christian beliefs shape my political views as well as my personal views.

Someone once said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”. Those are wise words indeed. There are probably few Christians that are familiar with the life of J. Gresham Machen. The same struggles between Christianity and secular liberalism that we are experiencing today are the same struggles he addressed in a speech he delivered November 3, 1921 titled, “Liberalism or Christianity”. Machen recognized that secular liberalism was an attack on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. He addressed it for what it is, a different religion.

Maybe Tyler Perry needs someone to “lay hands on him”, and help him to see the light…or at least to help him know which bathroom folks should use.

Tyler Perry - Laying Hands on TD Jakes



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