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What One Police Officer Did When a Grieving Woman Called 911 Might Shock You

Mia Constantino Cachilli

Barbie Henderson was driving down a highway in Kentucky when she received a call and learned that her sister had died. Hysterical, she pulled off the road and dialed 911. Nine minutes later Police Officer John Nissen pulled up behind her.

What happened next is a story too often untold by MSM, as it doesn’t fit the narrative of the Left-wing agenda that insists all Police Officers are rogue, dangerous and not to be trusted.

Officer Nissen sat in Ms.Henderson’s car with her, comforting her in her time of need until her sister, Sondra Barlow, arrived.

“The officer came in my car and sat and talked to me,” Henderson explained. “He wiped the tears from my face. He gave me some water. He made sure my air conditioning was up high.” -Wave News

Barlow said she was shocked by what she saw.

“He was sitting there in the car right next to her. He was holding her hand, wiping her tears and talking to her,” Barlow told the news station.

Henderson isn’t the only one Nissen comforted. He went on to share with Barlow what Henderson was feeling which resulted in an unforeseen response from her.

“He was family,” Barlow told WAVE. “I mean, he was the one who sat there with her when she was crying about losing our sister.

Before Nissen left them, Ms. Barlow snapped a quick photo.

The WAVE reported she posted the heartwarming photo on the police department’s Facebook page and it quickly went viral.


Barlow wrote:

Officer Nissen was more than an officer yesterday. He was a person with a heart to understand this was a lady who just lost her sister and heard the news over the phone. From there on he took care of my sister. As she cried, he listen to her and wiped away her tears. He made sure she drank water as it was extremely hot outside, and he spoke to the family on the phone each time we called until my arrival. When I arrived he wasn’t standing on the side of the car. He was seated right next to her just as we would’ve been while she was grieving. What an awesome guy!!!!

During a time we hear so many negative things about the Police, I want the world to know my Police Officers care!!! They are thoughtful, compassionate, go beyond the standard and I appreciate them. The Barlow Family appreciates them!!

In this video both Henderson and Barlow express endearing gratitude toward Officer Nissen and he is genuinely moved by their words.

“I wanted her to feel treated the way I would want my family treated,” Nissen told WAVE.

The Left-wing agenda insists all Police Officers are rogue, dangerous and not to be trusted Tell that to the family who receives closure when their case involving the death of a loved one is solved. Who else would have solved the case? There are many times when Officers are there for us as first responders to personal tragedies, as they were for this woman who had just lost her sister.

It’s true that the police deal with the worst of our society but there are many times when they deal with the rest of us during our worst life events.

Remember this the next time you hear of one of them being gunned down.

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