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Nepal Earthquake Victims: The Importance of Family

Mia Constantino Cachilli

A two-year old girl clings to her protector, her four-year old brother. Both are survivors of the recent Nepal earthquake. The whereabouts of the parents are unknown.

Even Fox’s Megyn Kelly asked, “Where is God?”

These children face a lifetime of challenges that make their previously humble existence euphoric by comparison. Few among us have ever managed such dire circumstances at the onset of our live’s, if ever.

As American’s we often take for granted living in the land of milk and honey, American Exceptionalism.

Our children are born and raised in an environment offering advantages admired the world over. Food, shelter, and safety are assumed. Education and financial gain are readily available to those who seek them. For most of us, our parents love and protection is unquestionable.

These two have none of that.

Their short live’s have already met with the most unconscionable devastation. Without their parents to protect them, they’re vulnerable beyond comprehension.

What’s to become of them and who will shoulder responsibility for their lives?

Bitter clinger’s will assert that God Almighty’s cradling them in the palm of His hand. Liberal’s will declare their plight prove’s that no god exists.

To the contrary, trial’s provide us a depth of understanding such that we may, in turn, comfort one another. Suffrage as a means to grace. Amazing grace. We wouldn’t choose it, however necessary it is to God’s will for us to do the right thing.

Even Jesus went through Hell before He went to Heaven.

CNN Video: Earthquake’s Devastate Nepal

Multiple spring quake’s have left half a million people in Nepal homeless, in addition to the obvious infrastructure demolition. Their tourism, agriculture and trade, impacted immeasurably, wreak havoc on the nation’s economy. The death toll is estimated at over 9,000 with the injured nearing 20,000.

As we face instability and unrest on Earth, American’s would be prudent to consider their favor in being born in the one nation under God. Even those who’ve survived natural disaster’s here have been lifted up by the current of American Exceptionalism, available to all who dial 911. We should be making hay while the sun shine’s instead of complaining.

Nepal, has no such system.

Nepal’s government, fraught with political divisions, limited competencies and bureaucratic red tape, has long grappled to develop infrastructure, even in the best of times.

Donor’s of this disaster have voiced concerns about their ability to use funding constructively and rebuild efficiently.

India’s foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj, opined, “As challenging as the funding will be the spending.”

New Delhi’s committed $2 billion to Nepal in the next 5 years, China’s in for $760 million before 2018, Japan’s providing $260 million, the European Union’s getting together $112 million, and America has offered just $130 million dollars to them.

Compared to the $11.9 billion U.S. dollar’s the Obama-Kerry deal garnered for Iran, our disaster relief to Nepal seem’s a bit lackluster.

The Obama’s African vacation alone cost the U.S. $100 million dollars.

As the greatest nation, we’ve always been a light in the darkness to the rest of the world. Criticized for our wealth, America’s done more for the globe than all other nations combined. Nobody’s ever refused our money.

We’ve turned a corner in America. Our government now support’s our enemies, neglect’s our allies, and reward’s those seeking our demise.

Obama’s regime disparages American Exceptionalism all the way to the bank. Why then, don’t they have more empathy for Nepal than Iran? Their allegiance is to those with whom they conspire. Removing God from the equation does have consequences. So does worship of Allah.

Imagine the impact $11.9 billion would have on humanitarian assistance to other nations, as well as our own.

Nepal’s survivors are at the mercy of the governments overseeing the catastrophe and there are valid concerns about the integrity and management of all aide funding.

If those steward’s of relief are corrupt, what then, of those children in Nepal?

God only know’s.

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