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Does cause of death determine whether we mourn?

Leslie Brown

A six-week old newborn baby boy was found wrapped in a blanket, left to die on a train track in Scotland. A dog walker found the body.

The baby had apparently been well nourished until it was left to die like so much garbage to suffer in the elements.

A sizable crowd of people showed up for the funeral; respectful in dress and somber in countenance.

The baby was laid to rest among a pile of flowers, soft toys and under balloons. A lone bag-piper played Amazing Grace.

My question is WHY do we mourn this baby? Why do we mourn this baby and not others whose lives are sacrificed for convenience. Where are their funerals?

Why would we vote for a man who gave his stamp of approval to infanticide, not once, but three times as a junior senator from Illinois. Do we practice “selective” caring? In essence, we mourn and are sad based on the cause of death? Is this right? Is human life sacred or is it not? We can’t have it both ways.

We are heaping curses upon our head as a society for so wantonly throwing away a precious lives, unknown potential and countless images of G-d.

Who do we think we are to so arrogantly choose who lives and who dies?

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