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Truthbomb on Society~Harris

Leslie Brown

In case y’all don’t know, I write for Kevin Jackson of The Blacksphere too, so I’ve been pretty busy!  I do my best. Kevin has been in the media a LOT lately.  Kevin is a fellow Texan, and a WEST Texan at that.

My writing partner here, Christopher Harris, and I are both “military brats” and I haven’t found ANYTHING we disagree on either politically of religiously.

Christopher keeps Facebook running all day long and sometimes he drops such epic “truth-bombs” that I just have to “steal” them and put them on our page.

The following is Christopher’s response to an insipid, “butt-hurt” article by Salon.


In a nutshell, as an American Black Man, I have to tell you that this article annoys the heck out of me. It’s only saving grace, is that it’s written by a female, so this sort of emotional manipulation is not surprising at all.

The shame is, I have seen and heard lots of ‪#‎HEmotional‬ “African-American” males act in the exact same manner as females on many occasions. But I am not surprised, because for at least two generations now, a very large percentage of “African-American” males have been raised primarily, or exclusively by females.

The truth of the matter is, because of the lack of MEN in the home as FATHERS, the average “African-American” male walking around today is just as confused about their masculinity as Bruce Jenner…they just aren’t trying to put on a dress.

But they have no idea about what a MAN is supposed to do and be, because they were raised around women. Hence, the #HEmotional mindset and behavior pattern. And when you understand the #HEmotional mindset and behavior pattern, you are no longer surprised by these current events. ~ Unhyphenated America


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