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It’s not a difficult concept.

Leslie Brown

Satan has no new tricks, he just recycles them.  A trick as old as the garden is “division”, and people still fall for it “willy nilly”, just look at Baltimore.

Just imagine the lunacy of “pastors”  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who foment discord and hate. Did Jesus ever promote dis-unity?

Look at the contrast; G-d is for love, peace and unity, what’s going on in Baltimore is about hate, discord and division.

Here’s a real “quick and dirty” guide to one’s character.  Do they promote love, peace and unity, or are they “rooting for the other team”; Satan.  You can’t play for both sides.


Standing in front of the line of riot cops was another line of middle-aged men.


They were there, one man said, to provide a buffer between the police and the congregated citizens.

“If there was no buffer, the situation could escalate like it did yesterday,” one man said.

“Yesterday was a day for the community’s voice to be heard,” he said when I remarked that the difference between last night and tonight was astounding.

“Today, it’s being heard in a different way.””


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