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A Twitter pic may tell “A Story”, but what about “THE Story”?

Christopher Harris

Sooooooooo, my phone started blowing up because of Twitter notifications, and it was rather surprising, because I am not very active on Twitter at all. When I took a look, I saw that I have been tagged in a conversation where the comedian, Chris Rock,​ has determined that this picture, featuring me, Unhyphenated America​, in the middle, is his “new favorite picture ever”.

my new favorite picture ever


On Tuesday, 08/26/2014, at 11pm EST, as the Executive Director of, I was invited to be a guest on the “CNN Tonight” show with Don Lemon to discuss “White Privilege”. The other guests (which they didn’t inform me about until we went live) were Charles Ogletree, and Tim Wise. The [faulty] premise of the discussion was that “White Privilege” is the prevailing issue in America, and that it even effects things like Health Care.

If you want to see the entire interview to get some context, check it out here:



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