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So much for free speech…

Leslie Brown

What kind of world is it when one is both ostracized and villainized for speaking the truth?

Lies are the new “truth” and there may be h*ll to pay if you are so bold as to speak it.

A Georgia school teacher dared speak the apostasy that Obama is not a Christian, and anyone who voted for him is not either. Aaaaand this is a problem WHY?

As a junior Senator, Obama voted THREE times against the “Born Alive Act”, in other words, he is unabashedly PRO infanticide.

Christians are supposed to be known by their fruits, and I don’t think baby killing is a very good fruit. How arrogant to decide who lives and who dies?

And, just as a “side note”; had we used the “litmus test” of abortion, we wouldn’t have the spawn of Satan in the White House.


Dublin, Georgia, middle school teacher Nancy Perry will retire at the end of this school year, and chances are she won’t receive a gold watch. The Dublin School System voted to force Perry to retire because she allegedly told her students that President Obama is not a Christian, and neither is anyone who voted for him.

Dublin Schools Chuck Ledbetter announced the retirement of Nancy Perry early Tuesday morning, while simultaneously apologizing to students and parents for Perry’s actions.

“It is not the place of teachers to attempt to persuade students about religious or political beliefs,” Ledbetter said. “In doing so, the teacher was wrong and that has been communicated to her… Just as importantly, we are communicating this message to all staff of the school district.”

In March, Perry a veteran teacher at Dublin Middle School, told her students that the president is not a Christian — and that anyone who voted for him was not a Christian. Parents protested and the NAACP called for sanctions against Perry.

…Immediately after parents complained to Nancy Perry about her comments, a meeting was set up to address them.

Although Perry has said that she never made the comments, at the meeting, according to the NAACP, she “presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics. … The parents’ concern was exacerbated by the teacher’s unwillingness to even consider the possibility that her classroom conduct was not conducive to a healthy learning environment.”

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