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Walking in someone else’s shoes

Leslie Brown

It’s said that your true character shows when no one is looking. The guy in this story is a “catch”.

Oscar Aquino of Tampa, walked out of his store and saw a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk drinking a soda and nibbling on some crackers.

Oscar noticed that his feet were torn up and black, and this was a WHITE dude!

After asking his shoe size, Oscar took his own shoes right off of his feet and gave them to the homeless man. What a guy!


That moment was captured by Carla Rose on her cellphone. She saw the two men speaking and, as she watched what unfolded between the two men, she snapped a picture.

Aquino had no idea what Rose had done until he got a phone call from a friend in Jacksonville early Thursday morning telling him he was famous on social media, he said.

Aquino couldn’t believe it.

He told his fiancée, Keysi Ramos, “Anyone can end up like that [homeless] one day. I’m blessed that I can buy myself another pair.”

“I’ve been through tough times and it’s hard when you have no one to give you a hand,” Aquino said.

Oscar Aquino is a real-life hero. What an awesome display of human-kindness!

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