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What are the chances?!

Leslie Brown

A curious Ohio woman set about to find her birth mother, and found out she was much closer than she ever dreamed.

La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark requested records from the Ohio Department of Health to begin the search for her birth mother. The records led her to the name, Francine Simmons.

Looking up the name on Facebook, La-Sonya found who she believed to be her. This Francine’s work was listed as InfoCision, the very same company where she worked.

La-Sonya gave her a call, and not only did she and her birth mother work at the same company and live 5 minutes apart, La-Sonya also has a sister who works at the same workplace as well!

Simmons said she always wanted to connect with the daughter she gave up as a 15-year-old mother, but didn’t know how.

“I’m still in shock,” Simmons said. “It’s amazing.”

The two only live a few minutes from each other in Youngstown.

It turns out Mitchell-Clark has three sisters she didn’t know about. And one of them works at InfoCision as well.

She said her adoptive parents have always been supportive of her, and encouraged her to try to find her mother.

“Now, we’ve got a bigger, extended family where we can just be together,” Simmons said.


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