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The Singing Nurse

Leslie Brown

My sweet little mama is a nurse; so I have the highest respect for this profession.

This California nurse takes the profession of giving to an even higher level, by singing, spreading joy throughout the hospital, and making especially sure that those who need special comfort and “lovin'” receive a serenade.

Jared Axen is a nurse in Valencia, California, who happens to love singing. During shifts, he would absent-mindedly sing as we went about his work, and soon realized he could help people with his songs.

Patients who heard him as he walked the halls belting out old love songs and Broadway hits started to request he sing to them.

Soon, serenading the sick became part of his daily rounds, gaining him the moniker “The Singing Nurse.”

This video, demonstrates not just the power to music to lift the soul and diminish pain, but also how small gestures of love in our every day lives can make a big difference.

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