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Mama Agnes

Leslie Brown

Since our society is pretty much as “thin-skinned” as pre-pubescent girls anymore, hardly anyone dares speak their mind.

Truth and forthrightness are so dang rare these days; they’re sorta like the “Bigfoot” and “Loch Ness Monster” of the character world.

Well, this lady has nooo problem giving modern society the “what for”; being particularly hard on the ladies.

One of my definitions of feminism is that it is just “rebellion” dressed up in a pink “v-word costume”. Keepin’ it classy, huh ladies?

I think we are beginning to long for the days of the past where order and decorum were the order of the day, and everyone wasn’t getting their pants all in a bunch about something or other.

Maybe we need a few more folks like Mama Agnes.

Mama Agnes Tells Her Truth About Women!!!This was better than a Sunday Morning Sermon!!! Its tight but its right!!! #MamaAgnes

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