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Freedom is Flagging

Leslie Brown


Does anyone else feel like our country is becoming surreal besides me? I’m sure I’m not alone. The Greer family of Bradenton, Florida is in the throes of “thumbing their nose” at code enforcement in their town. What is the “beef” over?

The Greer’s believe the city is being petty over  simple cosmetic issues with the house. The Greer’s stay pretty busy what with their seven adopted children and several foster children they are caring for.

They feel like the ordeal is a symptom of the growing encroachment of government in our lives.  About the choice of paints for the home Greer said,

“It’s to remind the city and all those who live here that this is America. This is a free country. This is my home. This is not a shrine to Riverview Boulevard,” Greer said.“I told the code enforcement officer that the Constitution gives me rights, and he told me that the city’s laws trump the Constitution,” Greer told the Herald. ”I said, ‘Well, no, it doesn’t.’ This is America and what rules America is the Constitution.”

Thank you Greer family for standing up for our quickly dwindling rights in America.

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