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C.J. Pearson: Getting real about racism

Leslie Brown

C.J. Pearson knocks it out of the park again, calling out the racism woven throughout Democrat party platform.

Liberal welfare and entitlement programs, enable helplessness and imply the recipient is both incompetent and incapable.

The Democratic party supports abortion… for all nine months even. Most babies aborted are those of minorities. How does THIS support the diversity you claim to support?

Civil asset forfeiture disproportionately targets minorities also. If you question as to if this is a liberal concept, read the definition below, trying NOT to laugh out loud of course. It in essence assigns FEELINGS and CULPABILITY to an inanimate OBJECT! How nuts is this?

Civil asset forfeiture is based on a fiction, albeit one of ancient lineage,[4] that property can be guilty of a crime and thereby forfeited to the sovereign regardless of whether any individual is ever charged with (and much less convicted of) a crime related to that property. It is a fiction because things obviously cannot think or act, but there is a laudable goal behind this fiction: the development of a means to deprive criminals of the fruits of their nefarious labor, sometimes in cases where it may be clear that particular property was used in a crime, but where the “kingpin”—be it a drug dealer, fraudster, foreign kleptocrat, or terrorist—is impossible to identify or is outside the United States, and to use some of those funds to compensate the victims of crime.[5]

Thank you  again C.J. for sharing the “truthbombs” others won’t.

lbj niggers

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