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Have a twin out there?

Leslie Brown

Has anyone ever said, “Oh, you look just like SOMEONE ELSE I know”? It makes you curious as to what the other person looks like doesn’t it?

What follows is an experiment where the participants tried to find their “twin”, also known as a “doppelganger” by combing the world through social media.

There is really quite an amazing result with two women, especially when dressed and made-up alike.

Niahm Geaney was on a quest to find 7 doppelgangers in the world that look just like her. The 26-year-old from Ireland and two friends embarked on an experiment to find people that look just like them and they’re using social media for the campaign.

~News Distribution Network

Even though you may find a “dead ringer” you are still a unique individual with your own thoughts and feelings!

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