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Feminists notably silent, unless it’s about THEM.

Leslie Brown

My definition of a feminist is a woman who perpetually “pi**y” about their gender. Why, how DARE G-d make me this gender?! Feminists are smarter than G-d.

If someone can explain to me the disconnect between feminists and reality, please help me out.

Specifically I’m referring to the womyn who are all about their “lady parts”, yet turn a blind eye to girls as young as 9 being raped by ISIS captors. Where is the outrage?

Where is the outrage over the recent Planned Parenthood bust over providing abortions to the under-age “girls” of pimps; in essence killing any evidence of their crime.

What about THOSE women? It seems to feminists are more concerned with free birth control (like they NEED it, ssshyeah) than freeing sex slaves and women in a damaging arrangement. Oh yeah, it’s all about THEM…”War on Women” and all dontchaknow.

Where is the outrage over a culture who beats their wives, molests their children, and forces them to cover themselves head to toe? Oh, yeah, it’s the traditional American husband who’s oppressive. Have I mentioned I think “feminism” is from the pits of h*ll?

Here’s a real war on women…and girls.

When ISIS invaded Iraq in June of 2014, they kidnapped thousands of women and girls to sell into sex slavery. One ISIS defector couldn’t even remember how many women he had raped. Girls as young as nine have reportedly been victims of the jihadist predators.

Even more heartbreaking is what ISIS sex slave survivors disclosed to Human Rights Watch.

The Independent has more on the horrific story:

A doctor in charge of treating survivors in Dohuk said at least 70 of the 105 female survivors she had treated appeared to have been raped while being held hostage by the extremist group.

One woman, Rashida, described militants choosing women by drawing their names out of a “lottery.” The 31-year-old says she tried to kill herself by swallowing a toxic chemical after being ordered by the fighter who picked her name to bathe.

Of the thousands raped and sold as sex slaves, few escape. When they do, they are often left seeking medical and psychological treatment after the unspeakable abuse and trauma they’ve suffered.

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