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“Poppa” goes to PROM!

Leslie Brown

Y’all have to watch this, if for nothing more than the ACCENTS!

An Alabama grandfather who dropped out of school after the eighth grade, missed out on “prom”, so he was invited to go by his grand-daughter; a Southern belle with adorable dimples!

James Drain, a Korean veteran had never donned a tuxedo either. The couple rode to prom in style in a horse-drawn carriage.

We are to honor our parents, and part of that is to honor grandparents, if you are so blessed to still have them.

Huffington Post

Drain’s granddaughter, Joy Webb, says she wanted to ensure that her grandpa — whom she lovingly calls “poppa” — got a chance to attend a prom during his lifetime; so this year, she asked him if he would attend one as her date.

He said “yes.”

“I think prom is kind of a big thing for everybody. Most everybody remembers going to their prom and I wanted him to have that experience too,” the 17-year-old from Albertville, Alabama, told the Daily Mail.

Webb reportedly had to ask her school for permission to bring her grandpa to the junior prom, and the principal agreed to make an exception to the 21-and-under age limit.

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