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Another “Bundy Ranch” brewing?

Leslie Brown

People are pretty dang sick of the government being all “up in our business”! Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine (some dispute) said, it best, “The government that governs least governs best”.

It just makes perfect sense. Here’s a helpful analogy.  Remember the game we played as kids where a phrase was whispered into one person’s ear, and they in turn, whispered it to the person beside them and so on?

By the time the phrase gets to the last person, the phrase is a laughable “butchered” version of the original phrase. The more “layers” of government we have, the further we drift from the original intent.

Some miners in Oregon, who are working in the Sugar Pine Mine; in continual operation since the early 1870’s, are “fixin'” to have a stand-off with the “Bureau of Land Management”. Why do we have a BLM in the first place? This could get ugly.

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BLM has made several attempts to disband the operation of the sugar pine mine through multiple unsubstantiated stop orders and now a cease and desist order. The owners of this mine have spend tens of thousands of dollars to date requesting documents, researching the claims of the BLM,and preliminary attorney fees. The sugar pine has made requests to produce the official rulings that show they are in violation which have gone unanswered. They simple reason given by the BLM is that “they say so”. The BLM claims that the mine has no surface rights to the area and in turn says that all structures and equipment need to be removed. The BLM also claims that this violation is grounds for the operation to cease and tunnels filled in. The mine predates more recent rulings about surface rights so the sugar pine feels that the new ruling is not applicable to this specific situation.

Late last week, BLM officials accompanied by Josephine County Sheriff deputies issues a cease and desist order to blmthe district without any official ruling by the courts. Specifically, the issue is not even scheduled to be heard in court until later in the year. The order has given the mine until April 25th to remove all equipment, buildings and supplies from the location. Local BLM officials have threatened to burn the buildings down if they are not removed by the date.

The owners of the sugar pine have stated that they will fully disobey the order as they claim that it is illegal and invalid. A call for assistance to the Oath Keeper’s has been made and there is no intention to leave the area by the deadline.

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