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Oh for the days of manners!

Leslie Brown

I’m not sure if my parents withheld the gift itself, or food and water, but I was taught to write THANK YOU NOTES!

Trying to get an RSVP these days is pitiful too! There are just some things that decent people do!

A Portland, Oregon little boy had a bout of illness in a local bookstore, that had to be cleaned up…let’s say.

Now, this kid has some awesome parents, I can tell you that, because he sent the book store apologizing to the employees for having to clean up his mess, and the family also included a gift card for Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, which somehow doesn’t sound too good at the moment.

One of my favorite quotes is by Judge Clarence Thomas,

“Good manners will open doors the finest education will not.”

My kids had to endure “manners classes” whether they wanted to or not. After my oldest interviewed for vet school at A&M, she wrote each and every doctor that was on the panel. She now has a “Dr.” in front of her name…I’m just sayin’.

With the earnestness this kid has, don’t you wish he would run for office someday?!

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