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Condolences from a man in blue.

Leslie Brown

There are countless stories of outstanding police officers out there, that go the extra mile for citizens. Since those stories don’t fit a narrative of strife and division, the collective media says, “Meh”.

Civil servants are “rich” by no means, so when an officer anonymously paid the tab for 22 students attending a wake for a classmate at a local restaurant, it was a sacrifice.

Seventeen year-old high school student Patrick Sullivan was tragically killed in a car accident in the small town of Rockland, Maine.

Officer Sergeant Greg Pigeon, who grew up in Rockland himself, and attended the same high school was looking for no fanfare, he just wanted to ease the burden of the mourning classmates.

Thank you “men and women in blue” who lay your lives on the line with each and every shift.

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