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More than a name

Leslie Brown

I’m blessed to be perfectly content with my name, but others, not so much. What if you were named the name of person that later became uber famous? My husband deals with constant heckling because of his name, “James Brown” “YOWW”!

Well, the girl in this story stated her complaint to a photographer, who later posted her picture and comment, but a whole lot of complete strangers took the effort to reach out and affirm her, and share their stories. Love in action.

Photographer Brandon Stanton travels around New York taking photos of interesting people and sharing their stories with the rest of the world. He calls his project, “Humans of New York.”

One of Stanton’s most recent subjects is a young woman who just happens to be named Beyonce.

Humans of New York shared her photo with this caption:

“Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I’m not a very social person. My family moved this year from Pennsylvania. I was so scared the first day of school that someone would notice me. I wouldn’t even adjust my seat because I thought it would make a noise. One time I really had to cough, but I held it in. When the teacher started calling attendance, I got really nervous, because every time people learn my name is Beyoncé, somebody starts singing ‘Single Ladies.’ And some did, of course. But the second day of school wasn’t too bad. Because everyone knew my name.”
What came next is one of the greatest comment threads Facebook has ever seen…

Shared from Sunny Skyz: Click below photo for the kind Facebook responses.
Sunnyskyz; kind Facebook “thread”

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