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C.J. Pearson: Inconsistencies on the LGBT Left

Leslie Brown

I am bursting with pride over our youngest contributor, C.J.Pearson. This young man is going places, and I am honored to be a conduit for his wisdom which far surpasses his years. Enjoy!

So here’s the thing, I don’t have a problem with the LGBT community but when a certain minority attempts to take away my liberty, my religious liberty, then we have a problem.

So instead of even writing about the controversy surrounding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, I’m going to attempt to inject some common sense into this debate.

1, Liberal gays beg for tolerance, but they don’t possess the common decency to be tolerant of my personal religious convictions. Consistency, right?

2. This law exists in more than twenty other states, so why the outrage? Please, enlighten me.

3. Corporate America, meaning you Tim Cook, stay out of this. For you to condemn legislation reaffirming the first amendment right of religious freedom, but yet do business in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death is only hypocritical. Once again, show some consistency.

4. This legislation was signed into by former President Bill Clinton so for leftists to call the right bigoted for supporting this legislation is not only blatantly fallacious but…INCONSISTENT.

5. Lastly, while some people may be afraid to say it, being gay is a choice, and this is coming from a same sex marriage supporter. I proudly make the decision everyday to go out and be attracted to members of the opposite sex, while my homosexual counterparts choose the opposite. So, since when is it up to the government to make certain life decisions federally protected?

Religious liberty is not only a right bestowed to us by our founding fathers, but by our God himself. With that being said, no one will stand in the way of that for me

CJ Pearson
Georgia Contributor

UA young cons
(Note:[email protected])

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