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How to avoid feminists, and why?

Leslie Brown

Feminists are to avoided at all costs, so we wanted to help you out. Demographics may influence this list, of course, but here’s a general guide so you can best avoid these womyn.

Number Five: Puzzling aversion to removal of  arm-pit hair, paired with a desire for short hairstyles; often in colors not found in nature.

Number Four: Rabid desire to terminate any “theoretic” pregnancies. Trust me ladies, it ain’t happening.

Number Three: Demure, soft-spoken, genteel? FUGGETABOUTIT! Spittle may even pepper your face if you stand too close during an epic rant.

p whipped male

Number Two: Let’s say, “like to CONTROL the men in the relationship.”

According to the Progressives, women cannot be “real women” if they don’t fit the Progressives’ script. Yep, if a woman doesn’t march to the Left’s horse dung definition regarding what “they” (whoever the heck “they” are) have determined constitutes a real woman, she is illegitimate.

~Doug Giles

Number One: I speak from experience on this one…feminist women absolute LOATHE conservative women and would likely inject E.Coli into our I.V.s given the chance.

This video is from a British woman who knows first-hand the tactics of feminists. Watch the video and see if you agree that it is a “terrorist” movement.

(mild language)

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