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Rising Young Black Conservative Star, Switches BACK to Democrat Party

Leslie Brown

It’s rare that you hear somebody switch from conservative to liberal. Usually it’s the other way around, since people GENERALLY get wiser as they get older. This is nothing short of a tragedy; I had such great hopes for our youngest contributor.

I was particularly shocked and saddened after reading the following this week:

Republicans are smarter than Democrats. Oh yes, they are. A recent study out of Oxford shows that Strong Republicans have almost a five and a half point IQ advantage over strong Democrats, and even moderate Republicans have nearly 3 and a half points more IQ than their moderate Democrat counterparts.
A researcher at Yale recently startled himself by discovering Tea Partiers know more about science than the general public, and the New York Times, a former newspaper, nearly choked reporting that Tea Party supporters are more educated overall.(1)

Breaking: from Raleigh, North Carolina

People, this is not how I wanted to break the news to all of you. But I will be switching back to the Democrat Party. I thought I found a home in the Republican Party but I was wrong.

Conservatives terrible polices such as fighting for black underprivileged youth to go to good quality schools troubles me. The Democrats have a rich history of equality that I rather be apart of such as fighting too keep slavery, creating abortion laws that has resulted in 1/4 of black babies being aborted and creating a Hitler influenced program in several states including here in North Carolina that deemed Blacks inferior thus tricking blacks into vasectomies and sterilizing them so they couldn’t create more children.

My favorite part about the Democrat party is that when blacks lost both their top leaders MLK Jr and Malcolm X to assassinations they created a welfare program to enslave blacks and tripled the amount of black babies born into fatherless homes. And this is called the signature achievement of their racist Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson who is quoted for saying ” I will have those ni*gers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.”

Here’s to starting my new life as a Liberal!

From our sassy young conservative Markeece Young! April Fool’s!

march for life

(1)Truth Revolt

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