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Ted Kennedy Swimming Lessons

Leslie Brown

To hear praise heaped upon this steaming pile of excrement is beyond sickening.

This is a man who with a expectant wife, drove DRUNK, with single young lady, crashing and submerging the car and leaving her to die.

Yeah, I’m not too big of a fan. Let’s hear what else this “mental giant” did for our formerly great land with help from L.B.J.

Ted Kennedy was instrumental with the “Hart-Cellar Immigration Act” whose “skids were greased” with the term “multicultural”. “Multiculturism” is a liberal code word for “an invasion that is so da*n gradual that no one even NOTICES it.”

We have our epic education system to thank too, with “Head Start” and “No Child Left Behind”.

And oh, we have the “War on Poverty” to thank Teddy for too. It’s been a success don’t you think?

So who do you think flew in to pay tribute to his longtime “bud”? None other, than fellow “Mass-hole” John Kerry.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry canceled plans to fly to Boston for a ceremony in honor of his late friend Edward Kennedy as talks on Iran’s nuclear program intensified in Switzerland, with two days left to a deadline. Kerry’s spokeswoman said on Sunday he regretted missing the dedication ceremony for an institute named after the U.S. senator, who was a mentor to him. Officials close to the talks said the French and German foreign ministers, Laurent Fabius and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, were considering delaying a planned joint trip to Kazakhstan in order to focus on clearing the remaining hurdles to a deal.

~News Distribution Network

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