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Pro-abortion book….for CHILDREN???

Leslie Brown

Remember learning about some of the ancient cultures in school, and how some of them practiced child sacrifice? SO DO WE! Of course we give it an abstract name to distance ourselves from the reality.

A book is now out called “My Sister is a Happy Ghost”…I can’t make this cr*p up. The premise of the book obviously to rationalize to a sibling, that the baby is “in a better place”.

I don’t deny that Heaven will be a better place than the cess-pool society in which we live but WHO made us judge, jury and executioner to snuff the life out of a completely innocent person?

A three-year-old named Lee defends the abortion of his sister in a new children’s book – by an author with her own “ghost sister.” “Sister Apple, Sister Pig” by Mary Walling Blackburn focuses on an adult topic: abortion. The story follows Lee as he (or “she,” as the author stressed) searches for his sister – who might be an apple, a pig, or somewhere in a tree. Lee later decides “Sister is a happy ghost!” and explicitly says he’s glad Sister isn’t around to inconvenience his parents.

This is how far down the slippery-slope we have come my friends. The Lord hates the shedding of innocent blood and you don’t get any more innocent than a baby!

As if that isn’t bad enough, the state of New York just passed a bill allowing full-term infants to be injected with poison in their unborn hearts.

Today in a vote of 94-49 the New York State Assembly approved passage of AB 6221, the extreme stand-alone 10th point from the previously packaged 10-point Women’s Equality Act, which would expand third-trimester abortions and allow non-doctors to perform abortions. Since 2013, abortion advocates have been holding the Women’s Equality Act hostage to this single dangerous bill, refusing to break the 10-point bill up. This session, however, the will of the voters was finally heard, and the stand-alone bills have been considered.

What part of “Thou Shalt Not Kill” are we not getting? This is a commandment not a mild suggestion.
Is it any wonder there is no respect for life in society. We have legislated than murder is A.O.K.

These “Einsteins” who elected Obama elected a junior Senator who voted THREE times against the Born Alive Act which would have forced medical personnel to give aid to any baby who horrifying survived an abortion.

We need to get off our bu**s folks and get VOCAL people! We also need to fall on our faces and REPENT!

I can’t think of a higher honor than to fight for G-d or country. Who’s with me?


(1)100 Percent Fed Up


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