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Police giving rewards for GOOD behavior!

Leslie Brown

A story about something scandalous or shocking seems to spread like wildfire! Stories about quiet recognition for those doing the right thing; not so much.

When a Farmington New Hampshire police officer saw someone go out of their way to navigate to the cross-walk during a snow storm, he had a brain-storm. Why not hand out rewards for good behavior?

He and a local convenience store partnered up, and now when pedestrians are seen using the cross-walks, obeying the leash law, or drivers using their turn-signals (Yankees call them “directionals”) they may be given a coupon for a slice of pizza or French fries!

What a great idea, in a world of too much bad news!

Less than two weeks into March, the Farmington, New Hampshire, police department has already issued 30 tickets — good for free pizza and French fries.

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