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Philadelphia Children’s Hospital “Shakes it Off”

Leslie Brown

There are more “Shake if Off” videos on the internet than names in Bill Clinton’s “little black-book”, but this one is really special because it was made with the goal of brightening the lives of children that live with illness.

While I was aware that school districts have teachers to attend to “home-bound” students, it somehow never occurred to me that there are actually schools in hospitals for children with long-term and chronic illness.

Flowers and cards are nice of course, but what most of these kids want more than anything else is a bit of “normal” and some diversion so they can forget where they are, if for just a moment.

MetroCo UK

The staff and patients of the hospital which provides care and physio for seriously ill children, got together in aid of Child Life Month and put on a fantastic performance of Swifty’s hit, Shake It Off.

Kids and adults alike look carefree and smiley as they busted their best moves while also miming along to the lyrics.

Throughout the video, the group promoted the work of the hospital while entertaining hundreds and thousands of viewers with pretty impressive choreography.

Watch until the end, it’s honestly worth your time.

And while we can’t decide which of the inspirational kids in the clip gave the cutest performance, we did have a particularly soft spot for this sassy young lady:


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