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Minorities, the “trophy” of liberals

Leslie Brown

You are likely familiar with the concept of “trophy hunters”. People with both too much time AND money on their hands, that get whisked away to exotic safaris in Africa.

In the states, these hunters can essentially “shoot fish in a barrel” by “hunting” in an enclosed big- game reserve. It’s not about the animals’ well being, it’s about HAVING them as a trophy.

This is a perfect analogy for liberals. They don’t really want to help anybody, although they think they are by “culling” the herd through abortion.

If a minority dares drink from the conservative “watering hole”, instead of the liberal fount of such mental giants such as Joe Biden, John Kerry or Sheila Jackson Lee, they are quickly dubbed “House Nigger”, “Uncle Tom”, “Sell Out”, or the like.

So basically liberals are superficial, they see people as only being “skin deep”. If you are “this color”, you must think, and behave in a certain way; and conservatives are “the Nazis”. Got it.

I think the “War on Poverty”, and the Obama economy with regard to black unemployment in particular, have proven that liberals are all about power, not “helping”. It’s how they look when they’re among their “conquests”.

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